Railroad Express - Introduction and Special Offer

I thought I would start this message with just a bit of background.
Like a lot of us, toy trains were part of my life when I was growing
up. In my case, my uncle had a set of Lionel trains and a finished
layout in the basement of my Grandparents house. Hours and hours were
spent operating, coupling, un-coupling, loading, un-loading,
reversing, and sometimes crashing those trains.
I ended up buying the set from my uncle in later years and it is the
only set I will never sell. It's not valuable, (except to me), but
does represent a time in my life that I will never recapture again.
As I turned into adult, my interest in trains came back to me (about
the time that I started having kids - most interesting enough!)
However, my interest in trains as an adult was very different than as
a child as I started to develop a small business around my hobby.
So, 15 years ago, I started a business, now renamed Railroad Express
focused on selling primarily "O" and "G" Scale books, DVDs and
accessories. The business has grown, our product line has grown and we
are adding new items each month to our offering. However, we do not
sell trains, we figured that there are plenty of hobby stores that
sell trains, but not many that carry the other goodies model
railroader's need.
So, my specialty is sourcing products that appeal with this niche
market and offering, in one place, more accessories, books and DVD
than most hobby store would ever carry.
One example of this is the BackShop DVD series for repairing your
trains. These are a great source of step by step details, but most
stores do not carry them and you just do not see them around that
much. I stock 20 copies of each of the eleven DVDs and that it just
one of the many titles we carry. (see my special offer below)
So, if you have the time stop by our shop, either on the web (
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) or on ebay ( ebay user name: railpress ) you are
always welcome and I would love to get your comments, suggestions,
product ideas and feedback.
Thanks for listening!
Railroad Express
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695 Delong Ave, Suite 50
Novato, CA 94945
Order Line: 1-800-836-0979
Join Today! My Yahoo group provides customers of the Railroad Express
updates on new products, announcements, and special offers on our
Cargo-To-Go line of "O" and "G" Model Railroad Cargo, Freight and
Layout Accessories.
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Special Offer: Just for reading this far in my message, if you buy
all ten of the BackShop DVD series, I'll ship for free and give you
the eleventh DVD for free! Since this is a special offer, it is not on
the website, just order ten DVDs, and I'll catch it, cancel out the
shipping cost and get the 11th disk into the package as well! I'll
send you a confirmation directly to let you know that you are getting
the special.
Click here to go to my BackShop Page to see all the titles
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And here is a quick guide to these DVD and what each one covers!
Backshop Volume 1 - P/N #2851
Jim Barrett takes you, the viewer, through connecting 2 diesels so
that they run off of one diesel's E-Unit using only glue, shrink tube,
a 4-pin connector, and wire. Next, Jim shows you how to modify Lionel
operating cars so that the hot shoes don't hang-up on hi-rail switches
through a simple modification to the hot shoe using a dremel to bevel
the edges. Then, Jim changes the wiring on Lionel Operating cars so
they don't activate while passing over hi-rail switches. Jim modifies
the cars so the power solnoid uses one hot shoe for a ground and the
other to get the power. Next in Volume 1, Jim tunes up a Lionel
Berkshire's smoke unit by swapping out the old pellet model for a
liquid smoke unit. And finally, Jim fixes the two most common
ailments with the Lionel ZW Transformers: the condition of the power
cord and worn out ZW Rollers.
Backshop Volume 2 - P/N # 2852
Jim Barrett takes you, the viewer, through the installation of new
pinion gears in the power trucks on a Lionel Diesel using just glue, a
dremel tool and some brass tubing. Next, Jim shows you how to install
uncoupling magnets anywhere on a layout with little more than a
momentary pushbutton and some Balsa wood. In the third segment, Jim
shows you some common ZW Transformer troubles and how to correct them,
including the terminal posts and the selenium rectifier. Then, in the
fourth segment, Jim explains how to restore the sound to worn out
post-war Lionel whistles. And finally, Jim installs a flywheel and
low-torque motors in a Weaver E-8 to avoid deraillments caused by fast
Backshop Volume 3 - P/N # 2853
Jim Barrett opens Backshop Volume 3 by showing you, the viewer, how to
diagnose troubles with mechanical E-Units and how to restore them
properly. Next, Jim takes you, step-by-step, through the process of
wiring a Tortoise Switch Machine and a 9 amp transformer. Then, Jim
demonstrates the safest methods for cleaning and restoring cast iron,
plastic and aluminum Lionel cars. Next, Jim performs a complete
restoration of a Lionel 3472 operating Milk Car. And finally, Jim
compares the pulling power of a 783 and 785 Hudson (with and without
Magna-Traction) on both tubular and Gargraves track using a pulling
Backshop Volume 4 - P/N # 2854
Jim Barrett shows you how to clean and re-wire a Lionel uncoupler
button in Backshop Volume 4. Jim also demonstrates the proper and
improper methods of cleaning track. In the second segment, Jim
performs the complete restoration of a Lionel operating Horse Car. In
the next segment, Jim covers the restoration of the Corral that
accompanies this classic Lionel operating accessory. In the fourth
segment, Jim takes you for a tour of his shop and explains how to set
up your own shop for everything from basic repairs to the most complex
procedures. Finally, Fred Dole makes a guest apperance and explains
the process of shooting a cover for O Gauge Railroading.
Backshop Volume 5 - P/N # 2855
Jim Barrett begins Backshop Volume 5 by showing you, the viewer, how
to remove old Lionel mechanical E-Units and replace them with better
operating electronic E-Units in an older diesel locomotive. Next, Jim
demonstrates the same procedure as it applies to Lionel steam
locomotives. In the third segment, Jim shows you how to improve the
operation of your # 342 Culvert Loader with a few simple tricks. And
finally, Jim covers how to improve the operation of your #345 Culvert
Unloader as well.
Backshop Volume 6 - P/N # 2856
In Backshop Volume 6, host Jim Barrett shows you how to restore a #364
Lumber Loader and improve it by making it run quieter and on less
power! The next segment shows you how to tune up and restore a #3461
Operating Log Car from Lionel as well. These two segments will have
you loading and unloading logs just like you remember when you were a
kid. In the third segment, Jim shows you how to modify liquid smoke
units to take in more air. More air means better smoke! Finally, Jim
installs accessory operating rails anywhere on a layout using only
balsa wood, brass strips, hook-up wire and a momentary push-button
Backshop Volume 7 - - P/N # 2857
Jim Barrett hosts Backshop Volume 7. In this video, Jim shows you how
to change out springs on a K-Line Lighted Passenger Car, and better
still, Jim demonstrates a simple trick to prevent the pick-up roller
spring from wearing out again! In the second segment, Jim offers some
simple tips to prevent wear and damage to your new MTH track. Then,
Jim explains a few ways to enhance the performance of your MTH ITAD
and Lionel IR Controllers and how to achieve inter-compatibility
between infrared manufacturers. Next, Jim shows you a quick way to
install a battery charging jack in the tender of a QSI or PS-1
equipped engine. And finally, Jim installs TMCC in a 736 Berkshire
using the UCUB board from Train America Studios.
Backshop Volume 8 - P/N # 2845
In Backshop Volume 8, host Jim Barrett takes you through adding more
pick ups to your K-Line B6 Steam Locomotive to avoid hesitation and
stalling through switches. Next, Jim addresses a simple problem that
may be preventing you from using DCS with your TMCC locomotives -
modifying the TMCC Cable to use with the DCS system. Then, in Segment
Three, Jim shows you how to build a fast-acting circuit breaker box
that works with ANY transformer to protect your valuable electronics.
Backshop Volume 9 - P/N # 2846
Jim Barrett, long-time host of Jim Barrett In The Backshop, shows you
how to install a Caboose Industries 208-S spring-loaded ground throw
and indicator lights on hi-rail track in Backshop Volume 9. Next, Jim
performs the complete cleaning and restoration of post-war locomotives
using dish detergent, lacquer thinner, 409, pipe-cleaners, dremel
brushes and more. After that, Jim shows you how to convert your PS-1
locomotives to TMCC using the R2LC Equalizer Board from Digital
Dynamics. And finally, Jim shows you another way to convert from PS-1
to TMCC using the Train America Studio "Engineer On Board" conversion
Backshop Volume 10 - P/N # 2869
Jim Barrett, host of Backshop Volume 10, shows you how to quiet down a
noisy layout using either Homasote or styrofoam and a little carpet
adhesive in this latest installment of the Backshop series. Next, Jim
uses LEDS to show where trains are on hidden tracks, commonly found
under the table on small layouts. Then, Jim uses CADvance and RR
Track 4.0 to make a professional looking control panel with a little
help from Kinko's and Jim's trademark creativity. Finally, Jim
installs a moving X-10 Camera System under a layout to help find
trains located on hidden tracks.
Backshop Volume 10 - P/N # 2881
=B7 Fixing your smoke unit's fan motor direction
=B7 Install accessory operating rails in Hi-Rail track
=B7 Make a hinged raised bridge that stays in place
=B7 Make a hinged layout drop section
Railroad Express
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695 Delong Ave, Suite 50
Novato, CA 94945
Order Line: 1-800-836-0979
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