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I am selling the books listed below. Shipping will be added to all prices, however only the true shipping cost, depending on book size and weight as well as chosen delivery speed, will be charged, without any additional surcharge for handling. If you are interested, please email me at (remove .NOSPAM from the address) ? the Compuserve address above is no longer valid.

------------------------------------------------------------- For sale is a copy of "Modelling Modern Soviet Fighter Aircraft" by Ken Duffy, Argus Books, 1990, paperback. The book provides detailed advice how to build more accurate models of former Soviet jet fighters and attack airplanes in 1/72 scale, covering 23 designs from the Mig-15 over the Mig-21 to the Mig-31, including the Su-7, Su-25, Su-27, Yak-28, Yak-38, and Tu-28. A whole range of information previously unavailable on the modern Soviet Air Force has been encapsulated in this book, which provides a truly comprehensive guide to modeling these aircraft types. The descriptions also include a brief summary of the aircraft's history. The book includes photographs of completed models as well as the original prototypes and detail drawings illustrating specific conversions or corrections. The book has a total of 142 pages and is 5 ½" x 8 ¼" tall and ¼" thick. It includes 23 chapters illustrated with black and white photographs and drawings, literature references and two appendices. The book has some wear and creases to the front and back covers as well as light soiling and a small damaged area on the front cover, but it is otherwise in good condition. The price is $8.

------------------------------------------------------------- For sale is a copy of "How to Go Plastic Modelling" by Chris Ellis, Futura Publications, 1975, paperback. This book is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of building plastic models, giving clear instructions and outlining helpful hints, tips and techniques for assembling the wide variety of model kits available. It covers such diverse aspects as research, display, painting, transfers, conversions, detailing, improving, tools and materials. Numerous examples covering various types of models are included to give the widest possible appeal, and the book is useful for both beginning and advanced modelers. The book has a total of 191 pages and is 5 ¼" x 8 ¼" tall and ½" thick. It includes 10 chapters illustrated with black and white photographs and drawings and four appendices. The book has some wear and a slight crease to the front cover as well as light soiling and a felt pen mark on the outside, and the biding is starting to crack, but it is otherwise in good condition. The price is $6.

------------------------------------------------------------- For sale is a copy of "Model Magic" by Vic Smeed, Argus Books Ltd,

1985, paperback. This book is an ideal introduction to the fascinating world of modeling for readers of all ages. Smeed, one of the hobby's best known names, surveys the modeling scene in general before discussing in greater detail model cars, power boats and yachts, aircraft, railways and the various aspects of model engineering. The many photographs and the information on classes and competitions as well as the practical guidance in each section help to make a start in this intriguing hobby. The book also features full-size plans and step by step photographs of a working model oil-rig tender boat model. The model is inexpensive, simple to build, and is capable of accepting radio control. Readers of all ages will find this a useful book and a comprehensive source of information on all the major aspects of modeling. The book was published in association with Channel 4 and Ulster Television PLC as a complement to a TV series on the same topic, but is completely usable as a stand alone volume. The book has a total of 128 pages and is 5 ¾" x 8 ¼" tall and ¼" thick. It includes 6 chapters illustrated with black and white photographs and drawings and three appendices. The book has some wear and light soiling and scratching to the front and back covers, but it is otherwise in good condition. The price is $4.

------------------------------------------------------------- For sale is a copy of "Creating Space: The Story of the Space Age Told Through Models" by Mat Irvine, Space Series, Apogee Books, 2002, paperback. The book chronicles the history of the conquest of space, from the ideas of Leonardo da Vinci over the dawn of the space age with the V-2 rocket of World War II to the International Space Station and beyond, through model kits. It presents an exhaustive and detailed compendium of the evolution of space vehicles, side by side with pictures and details of the plastic reproductions that depict the multitude of launchers, missiles and spacecraft designed and developed throughout the world. The first half of the book, which is all in color, is presented in chapters that group the history, the vehicles and the models into logical and meaningful categories. Each chapter gives a brief historical overview of the subject and chronicles the model kits that cover the period. All known kits are covered, from the releases of the major modeling companies such as Revell, Monogram, Strombecker, et. al., to one-man operations. The informative and entertaining text is accompanied by hundreds of photographs of box art from rare vintage to current kits, built-up models, catalog and advertising pages, and in-store displays. Chapters are divided into Early Dreams (early spacecraft concepts), Wartime Experiences (rocket planes and missiles), Optimistic Times (von Braun designs including the classic Disney designs from their Man Into Space series and more), Man in Space (early US and Russian space programs), Missile Connection (ballistic missiles), One Small Step (Apollo), Gone To Launch (other launch vehicles), Messages from Space (satellites), Edge of Space (aircraft), Reusable Spaceship (shuttles), Islands In The Sky (space stations) and Beyond the Infinite (science fiction subjects, namely UFOs, the Roswell Incident, and a few scientifically accurate space fiction movies such as Destination Moon and 2001: A Space Odyssey). The rest of the book consists of extensive appendices that contain a complete listing of space related kits produced, divided by model company and vehicle type, and provide details of all of the space-related models ever made and the many manufacturers and distributors who have supplied them. The appendix listings for the kits cover 250 modeling subjects and 300 model manufacturers and contain a plethora of valuable reference information for model historians, collectors, modelers, space enthusiasts and anyone who is trying to find out if a kit of a particular subject was ever made. Kits are listed in two formats, by manufacturer and by subject. The manufacturer lists also include information about the company, such as the address (if known), when the company was in operation, etc. The kits are then listed with the scale, kit number, and date of first issue. It even includes kits that were announced, but never released. Virtually everything relevant about each kit is discussed in detail, including reissues, box art, etc. The subject listing includes everything from the A series of German rockets to the Russian Zenit booster. A short paragraph describes the subject, followed by a table listing the models, their manufacturers and scales for each subject. Specific kit information (number and date of issue), can be found the manufacturer listing. The subject listing is also replete with black and white photos of the actual prototypes. The final appendix lists some kit collecting organizations (since many of the kits discussed in the book are long out of production), kit dealers, web sites and other books pertaining to the subject of space modeling. The book features a foreword by the famous science fiction author Sir Arthur C. Clarke, who co-wrote the script for the landmark science fiction movie "2001: A Space Odyssey". The book has a total of 352 pages, with 173 thereof in full color, and is 6 ¾" x 10" tall and ¾" thick. It includes an introduction, 12 chapters covering the various periods of space related model kits and three appendices and is lavishly illustrated with 550 color and black and white photographs. Except for a minor dent on one corner and some very light scratching of the front and back covers, this book is in pristine condition. The price is $12.

------------------------------------------------------------- For sale is a copy of FineScale Modeler, February 1999. Articles include a showcase feature on a Focke Wulf Fw-190 in 1/24, airbrushing basics, weathering aircraft, upgrading a 1/35 scale Scimitar armored vehicle, sculpting a large scale figure of baseball legend Jackie Robinson, and building a portable tool organizer. The price is $3.

------------------------------------------------------------- For sale is a copy of Scale Aviation Modeller International, Volume 9, Issue 9, September 2003. Featured aircraft include the Gloster Gauntlet, the Heinkel He 177 in

1/72, the AT-9 Jeep in 1/72, the Wildcat in 1/144, the BAe Harrier Gr.3 in 1/24, and the Yak-18 Max in 1/32. The price is $3.

------------------------------------------------------------- For sale is a copy of Modelworld, Volume 1, No. 6, February 1973. Articles include features on Fieseler Storch prototypes and foreign machines model details, Daimler Scout Car photographs and drawings, Condor Legion formation and organization, classification of bridges, Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer, a guide to model photography, War of Independence uniforms, weapons and equipment, uniforms of the Third Reich, wargaming cavalry tactics, a WWI Western front diorama, Harrier and VTOL flight, and Historex conversions for the Third Croatian infantry regiment. The price is $3.

------------------------------------------------------------- For sale is a copy of Modelworld, Volume 1, No. 7, March 1973. Articles include features on a Viking longship, Henschel Hs 123 details and colour schemes, a Cyrenaica 1941 diorama, Panzerkampfwagen

4 later production models, an Ardennes Jeep diorama, a F-101 B Voodoo conversion, British WWII Folding Boat Equipment Mk III, lightweight scenery for portable dioramas, uniforms of the Third Reich, Felixstowe 1944 naval diorama, and 1941 Douglas Havoc I (Intruder). The price is $3.
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