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Hi all. Hope someone can help a.s.a.p. Somewhile ago, I bought a motor controller for an industrial fan. The fan motor is brand new, 3 phase, dual voltage, 2.2kw, and wired in star configuration. What is puzzling is that the controller manual states that the controller is

230v 3 phase ..... would the controller be compatable with our 3 phase supply? and would the motor be compatable with the controller?? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need to try and get things wired up a.s.a.p. and get the fan working. Many thanks in advance. Brad.
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You mean because you think your 3 phase supply is 415V?

230V phase to neutral is 415V phase to phase.
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Assuming that the controller is being fed from 230V single phase, then it is producing 230V phase to phase output voltage. If so, then re-connect the motor from star to delta and you are good to go.


Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

Hi Mark, The controller manual certainly states that it is 3 phase 230v, not single phase, thus the confusion ! There is another 'class' within the controller range which is rated at 3 phase 460v. This is now causing me a right headache. Cheers. Brad.

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Could be for the European market as they also have 230v 3 phase.

I had one of these a few years ago and only saw the 3 phase bit so I put this on my 440v meddings drill to get the variable speed option.

The resulting bang and flash wasn't as great as I have had in the past but still spectacular

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John Stevenson

I've got a 3 phase 200volt class inveter. It runs fine on single phase 220 volt and has an output derated to about a third. So IMHO your 2.2KW inverter might run a 0.75KW 3 phase motor from a single phase supply if the motor is wired in delta. Sadly your inverter isn't compatible with a UK 3 phase supply. However I do know where a 5HP 415 3 phase inverter is that needs a better home (see the next topic!)


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Charles Ping

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