Help 3 phase to single?

I just purchased a 1993 Model: 3025 Onsrud Pin Router.
Can you tell me what this means other than it's 3 phase?
12.2 V23AC PH3 H260
I do need to convert 3 phase to single phase and I am more than confused
trying to figure what to do or buy. I have read on a companies web site that
their product is best because most converters are just used to start 3 phase
and there is a lot of loss of power, theirs on the other hand don't loose
any power. We're talking big bucks for one of their converters. What do I
really need to look for? And where if possible?
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likely its a garbled interpretation by the seller of what printed on the ID plate.
most model 3025's seem to be 5HP 220V 3PH
your options are:
rewire the shop for 3 phase use a rotory converter use a solid state converter (lke a UPS) replace 5HP motor with single phase motor.
i would wait till i inspected the machine to make the decision. if it has been poorly stored it might be best to replace the motor.
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like Tim Perry said, It looks like the seller didnt read the name plate correctly and just threw some garbled numbers out there
Looks like it should read... 230/460VAC 3Ph 12.2 / 7A
Dropping one of the 3 phase wires will NOT make this do what you want it to do , but will cause the motor to do what is actually called single Phaseing and more than likely burn a winding up....
2 wires hook em up 3 wires Burn em up 4 wires F**K em up
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trike Mike

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