Dielectric losses in 3-phase power cables, 33kV to 400kV

I am interested in the power losses of three-phase HV underground power
cables rated at (1MVA, 33kV), and all values of MVA and kV above this.
Specifically, I am interested in the Voltage-dependent power loss in the
cable dielectric, due to (possible) AC hysteresis effects in the
dielectric, and also due to the (possible) effect of leakge resistance
between line and neutral. Would it be correct to say that the combined
effect of these losses would always be negligible, compared with the
I-squared-R loss that is taking place in the conductors? If untrue, what
value would the dielectric loss have, typically, compared with the
I-squared-R loss?
I need this information because I am a tariff metering engineer, and am
involved in compensating a power-station meter for losses in a
privately-owned cable that takes the power out of the station to the
National Grid, a few kilometres away. I lack the necessary expertise on
this aspect of power cables.
Richard Chambers Leeds UK.
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Richard Chambers
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