stress on the rod... can someone help me..?

hello everyone, i am having problems with a tutorial question that is meant to be handed in on tuesday 28th october 2003, so i was wondering if any1 out there could help me pls? The question is as follows:

A 10-cm-long rod of PVC is used to connect two stiff plates that are a fixed distance apart. The fastening process causes the rod to extend by 0.15 cm. Given that the elastic modulus of PVC is 3 GPa and assuming that the material's creep behavior is similar to that characterized by the data shown in (creep responce in PVC pipe resin at 20C, creep curve, isochronous stress-strain cruves, isometric-time curves) estimate the initial stress on the rod and stress after 30 days.

Unfortunately I am unable to add the pictures of these graphs. If anyone could help me and maybe needs the pictures please email me with the following subject: Re: CREEP PICTURE. And I will send you it. Please reply ASAP, thank you.

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