can someone please help me identify this device.

I shot this picture of the device on what I believe is a power line.
It appears to be inline and these two white "poles" appear to either
diffuse a charge or perhaps they are antennas?
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Do you have a "Smart Grid" for power metering, or some such? It looks like a CATV amplifier but it only has a gazinta. The two white thingys could be antennas for connection to the power meters' grid.
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Hey Bill, et al.
I know what you're talking about (those ones on the street lights are deprecated Ricochet wireless antennas from the .com era; they're still EVERYWHERE and non-functional!) :)
My city does not have free wireless (and knowing them I doubt they are planning it). My city is not modern and hasn't even begun running fiber yet.
I did a ~10 minute search on Google ..(e.g. smart grid, wireless powerline antenna, inline powerline antenna, etc) and came up with nothing close to what this device looks like. It occurs to me, but of course just a guess, that this device would not be suspended inbetween telephone poles if it didn't have to be. Most devices would be on the pole or on a stand (like a transformer) unless...perhaps...they interfere with the device?
I'm assuming this device derives power from the lines and isn't simply passive due to the fact that there is a heat sink on it..
So, antennas, perhaps a transceiver?
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Top posting dope. This isn't email.
Where does the hard line on the left come from/go to?
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Why not just ask the Cable TV Company?
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Michael A. Terrell

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