Please help identify a 9" steady and follow rest ?

Hello all,

I had the fortune of cleaning out some last remnants of a home machinists estate, and ended up with a surplus steady and follow rest in very good condition. Unfortunately they do not fit the Rhodes shaper I bought :). Anyway, I am looking to sell them, and would love to know what lathe they are for. My crude measurements suggest they are for a 9" lathe (~4.5" from top of "V" to center), with inverted V ways (V groves on the base of the steady) about 2 7/8 " spacing. There are possibly model numbers on them, "SR100" and "FR100". The casting numbers on the steady are "125N1" and "126NR1", and the follow casting is "130N1" with a small "BP" underneath.

My research found very similar (but not identical) casting numbers in

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. These parts look identical to the South Bend parts. Of course, I heard that a local foundry (Saskatoon, Sask., Canada) John East Ironworks, built a clone, apparently known as an "East Bend" lathe ... one of many clones as I see from
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Anyone know for sure ? They are for sale btw, I'm planning to list them on ebay. If someone wants to make me an offer (pictures, details on request) before I get my act together (ebay non-entity right now), please do ... Like I said, they were 'tossed in' with my shaper, I have no need for them.



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