anyone have a spirule they would like to part with

have a daughter who is in the proper class to appreciate a spirule and I can't find mine (for those not in the know, a spirule is a device for adding vectors on a gain/phase (bode) plot. If you would like to part with one, please drop me a note

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If that's the only calculation she'll ever do using complex numbers, fine. Consider getting her a copy of APL2 for her laptop - real cheep to free for students. Complex numbers are implemented at the primitive level. You don't even need a program. e.g. 0.123J0.005+0.3J0.047

0.423J0.052 0.123J0.005÷0.3J0.047 0.402726415J-0.04642713835 *0.3J0.047 1.348368163J0.0634200088 *x is Exp(x).


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Ted Edwards

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