Leblond lathe follow rest & taper attachment

The 1965 19" x 54" leblond tool and diemaker lathe in my home shop did
not come with a follow rest. I found a used follow rest of unknown
origin that looks about the correct size at a local tool dealer. The
lathe manual does not show the follow rest in use. The only mounting
holes I can find are (3) tapped holes on the RH side of the saddle or
carridge. This would put the follow rest about 3" to the RH side of
the tool holder. Will this work, or does the follow rest really need
to be almost directly behind the tool to prevent the work piece from
deflecting away from the tool? I can't see how even the orignal follow
rest for this lathe would be in line behind the tool holder. Any one
ever use one of these on a Leblond? This unit is pretty similar to a
Regal but a little heavier. One other question, can a taper attachment
be added without re-engineering the entire lead screw/slide assembly?
I saw a Leblond taper attach on Ebay but was not sure if it could be
added without a lot of work.
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The LeBlonde follow rests had a offset in the casting which moved them a little bit toward the center of the cross slide. I never mounted it on the lathe so I can't tell you how much it offset.
Wayne Cook Shamrock, TX
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Wayne Cook
Thanks for the info, I'll take this one back and try and find one with an offset.
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