Rockwell-Delta 10 inch lathe spindle taper?

I have a 10 Rockwell-Delta 10" metal lathe in my garage.
It has a non-standard taper (I think) in the spindle. Not morse, in any
Anybody able to tell me what the taper should be? I had thought that I
had read it to be a B&S 9 taper, but tthe measurments dont jive. Larger
than an MT3, smaller than an MT4, and looks too shallow a taper to be
I have measured as best I could, the taper on the very rough looking
adapter that came with it, and it looks to be 2.5 degrees included
angle, or around .48" per foot, based on the inch that I was able to
measure. This does not seem to match any of the tapers in Machinery's
Anyone got a reference that gives the taper? It's not given in the
factory book that came with the lathe.
My intent is to grind down a MT4 to MT2 taper sleeve so that the
outside matches the machine spindle, using the T&C grinder at work. This
should allow the future owner to utilise MT2 centers and tooling in the
I plan on selling it when it's ready to go.
Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
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Looks like an older brother is on sale at ebay
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Roger Paskell
I'd recommend two approaches. One, call Royal and ask them. If they make a collet adapter for it, they'll know. Two, try out with prussian blue whatever tapers you have on hand which are fairly close. One of them may fit, at least over part of the length. For instance, my Delta-Rockwell 11" is a short section of the same taper dimensions as the back half of a MT5. A lot of other lathe tapers are 4-1/2. Yours might be the back half of an MT4.
Pete Keillor
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Pete Keillor
I'll scrounge up an MT4 sleeve and give that a try. From my initial measurments, it is tapered at a slower rate than the Morse series and the B&S series tapers. Tony Griffith's site says it will take a 4C collet in the spindle, though I am uncertain as to whether that would need an adaptor or not, and I do not have any handy to check with. I suppose I could print out the dimensions and bang out a reasonable facsimile to check with.
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
According to a Rockwell machine tool catalog from 1967, the spindle taper is "modified (shortened) No. 9 B. & S."
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Kelley Mascher
Time to set up the taper attachment on the work lathe, methinks.
Thanks Kelly
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones

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