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I bought a Leblond HD 16" x 54" 10 Hp/Servoshift Tool & Die Maker lathe a while back for my home shop. It was made in 1965. For some reason it's called a 16" but it actually will swing 19.25" over the bed. Anyway, I'd like to be able to turn metric threads on occasion. I know spur gears were made for this machine to turn metric threads, but used ones seem pretty scarce. Anyone have dimensions of what the gears were,or perhaps how to calculate what would be needed? The shop manual shows the gears but no dimentional data. Also, at some point I might want to have the removable ways reground, since there is about 0.002" wear near the chuck. Has anyone done this?

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This brings back memories. I loved this machine, it was the first lathe I ever did serious work on. Wish I had one also.

On my 10EE, I modified a 37 tooth and a 47 tooth gear to fit in the gear train for metric change gears. I was lucky, the diametrical pitch and pressure angle is the same as Logan lathes. I just had to rebore and rekey gears, purchased from Scott Logan, to fit my machine. See this web site:

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I don't remember the diametrical pitch, but I bet yours is the same also. I know the change gears on my antique Leblond 16" x 120" is the same as the



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