GE dynamo.

Worried about the direction of rotation of the dynamo I mentioned in the
Maytag thread, I had a look at it and there appears to be nothing to
indicate which way it ought to go. It is a two pole machine with fixed
brushes on the neutral axis between the main field poles, on which basis it
should be equally happy in either direction. There are however two smaller
interpoles in line with the brushes, I believe these assist spark free
commutation - does their wiring determine the correct rotation?
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Nick H
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Suck it and see, Nick. Rig it up with your lathe and see what kind of output you get.
Another idea might to see if it motors. If so, which way? If you change the input polarity, does it reverse or still run in the same direction?
Kim Siddorn.
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Kim Siddorn
"Kim Siddorn" wrote
I'm over thinking again aren't I :-(
KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid!
Not a permanent magnet machine, so should run in the same direction irrespective of polarity.
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Nick H
Nick, The interpole magnetomotive force neutralizes that portion of the armature reaction within the zones of commutation and produces the proper flux to generate an EMF in the short-circuited coil that is equal to but opposite to the EMF of self-induction. Thus, little or no sparking occurs at the brushes.
The important thing to remember is that an interpole always has the same magnetic polarity as the adjacent main field pole ahead of it IN THE DIRECTION OF ROTATION. Note: this is for generators only --- DC motors are just the opposite, with the interpole having the magnetic polarity of the main pole BACK of it. So if you can figure out the internal wiring you should be able to figure out the direction of rotation. --- Brian
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Brian Bailey

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