F-15 and F-14 Opinions Please

I'm going to treat myself to a kit of each...I want the "best" kit I can get. For me that means the one that is going to give me the most detail without needing to go aftermarket, although I've no problem putting a resin cockpit in either...

...I've been a bit jaded in the old kit making department and I fancy a couple of good, out of the box sessions to get me in the mood again, whilst I wait for the 1/48th Sea Vixen and Scimitar to come along.

F-14 is going to have to have hi-viz Sundowners colours!


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Eddie Bermuda
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Well, current wisdom seems to be that the Hasegawa F-14 is the best available (altho a challenging build). Then there's some debate about whether the Academy F-14 or Italeri F-14 comes in at #2. For me the Academy kit's detailing outweighs the supposed advantages of the Italeri kit. For the F-15, supposedly the Monogram kit has the best outline of the available F-15s. I've built the Academy F-15C and really liked it, but apparently there's some issue involving the height of the upper fuselage engine bulge contours. Skip the Tamiya kit, IIRC it was based on their original F-15A (one of the 1st 1/48 F-15s available).

Don McIntyre Clarksville, TN

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Don McIntyre

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