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Hi All:
Sitting on my desk is a kit for an airplane I have wanted to model for
a long time. With this one, I can now do all the Grumman fighters that
achieved production. The kit is a resin cast in 1/48 scale for the
Grumman FF-1. It is by Robert Vele of the Czech Republic (RVHP Resins),
kit #48017. They also make kits for the Canadian Grumman Goblin and the
Canadian export models used in the Spanish Civil War (the Delphin?).
What did I get for L29.45 B.P.? About 50 resin parts, two cast metal
landing gear legs, a clear vac-u-form canopy and a small but well
printed set of decals for two aircraft from Fighting 5. There is also a
strip of "Strutz" brass strut material in case you have doubts about
using the resin wing struts.
The resin parts are done in a very light cream colored resin, there are
only one or two small bubble holes to be filled and the wings are free
of any warpage problems. The rib detail on the wings is rather lightly
done so it will be wise not too get too heavy with the paint. Other than
that, it looks like a nice effort. I'm impressed enough that when next
months SS check comes in I may order the CS-1 version as well.
For those who are about to hit their "Reply" key with a note that there
is no kit for the Grumman F2F or F11F, I know. BUT, with a bit of cross
kiting between Accurate Miniatures F3F-1 and Grumman Gulfhawk kits, an
F2F is quite doable, and with the leftover parts you can do one of those
2 seat F3Fs that were built for Shell Oil, or Grumman's Company, as
Executive transports.
And I've got the Golden Wings F11F kit to fill that gap.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
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I believe I said grumman fighters that achieved production. The F-10 didn't, neither did the navalised F-111 (McNamara's wet dream)!
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
I wanna play!
Bob's Cat?
To reply, get the HECK out of there
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Alley Cat or maybe even Pole Cat. Seriously, how a about Cheetah? I don't think they had a cheetah until the little Grumman-American AA-5 came out.
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Considering what a dog the F-111B was looking like being, my suggestion was "Dead Cat". With a bow to John Strange McNamara!
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
Uhhmm, that's 'Robert' not 'John'. I do find the middle name quite appropriate. I also like Al's 'Fat Cat' since the Navy was concerned over the excess over-the-deck weight. The lasting curse of the plane was in that the F-14 was stuck with the TF30 for most of its production life.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak

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