Grumman Goose, 1/48 scale

Hi All:
On the shelf of my local plastic emporium yesterday was a kit I have
long wanted, a 1/48 scale Grumman JRF (Goose) flying boat. Kit is by
Czech Models, number 4812. What did I get for $42 U.S.?
1 large bag of gray plastic parts, don't look like your usual short run
moldings either. Panel lines are mixed, some engraved, some raised, but
it was like that on the original aircraft. Surface is smooth, not the
grainy surface seen on a lot of short run moldings. There is also a bag
of resin parts for the interior and engine faces, look to be by True
Decals are provided for one aircraft in Royal Air Force markings and
two U.S. Navy, one in three tone scheme and one in overall sea blue.
There are a couple of parts on the main sprues and a couple of the
clear parts marked as not used that tells me there will be another
release of this kit with other variations of the JRF family. Overall,
looks like a nice basis for a model of one of Grumman's less known but
widely used aircraft designs.
Now if someone would just do the smaller version with the inline
engined Ranger engines! Widgeon??

Bill Shuey
Certified Flying Boat Freak!
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William H. Shuey
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If you go to the Draw Decal site Goose page;
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will find your Goose (!!!) and a whole lot more besides.
All of these decals that are currently offered in 1/72 will be available soon for the new Braille Scale kit as well. Tim "Goose" Bradley who has done all the Goose decal artwork, is still turning out some new stuff for the bird, as well as making sure the existing artwork will properly fit the new kit.
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Norm Filer
Before you start thinking of making a Goose into a Widgeon, you need some basic understanding of what the differences are.
Goose Widgeon span 49' 40 length 38'4" 31'1"
They may look the same, but they are two distinctly different airplanes. Hanging a couple in-line engines on a Goose is not going to get you a Widgeon Grumman did four very different sized birds is this series all look broadly similar but all are different.
Widgeon Goose Mallard Albatross
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Norm Filer
Yep, I had the same idea after reading the original post title...
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Check some of the on-line reviews. I recall that this model was based on a contemporary civilian aircraft, and it had some slight modifications over the years. Kim M
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