Hi-Tech 1/48 scale Voisin 10

The nice FedEx Gent dropped a package from Squadron on my door step about 2 P.M. today, this was almost as good as my SS arriving. Here is an "in box" commentary.

I will start off with a quote from the first page of the instruction sheet: "This kit is not a ACCUTAMYGAWA type model. We do not present the Voisin as an example of state of the art model technology, but as the only kit of a worthy aircraft in

1/48 scale. Our kits are not quick build and paint projects, this kit is for serious modelers willing to apply their talents to "Short Run" technology; with skill and patience the builder will be rewarded with an exceptional and unique model". So what do you get in the box? a 1 foot length of 1/32 brass rod, an envelope with a 1" length of coiled spring and a vac-u-form wind shield, an envelope with a batch of cream colored cast resin and cast metal parts, including the engine, propeller, machine gun, exhaust, wheels & radiators. 1 fret of etched metal parts including control horns, wire attachments, seat, wire wheel centers, and various small bits. A large envelope with 1 large sprue(wings & tail parts) and three smaller sprues with struts, fuel tanks, and cockpit/engine nacelle parts. 1 sheet of decals with markings for Esc. VB-125, colors look good. Instructions are 8 pages of exploded diagrams interspersed with what appear to be photos of an original aircraft. They do not include any full size GA drawings, which would have helped with assembly and alignment. The plastic parts look good. The wings are thin and a bit flexible, in keeping with the original. The depiction of the rib structure looks good to me, not overdone as some kits show it, and the mold maker did his homework, he understands how stretched fabric pulls. There are at least three sets of wheels in this kit, one cast resin, one in the plastic sprues and a third with resin tire and etched brass spokes, so you can go with whatever technology you are comfortable with. Flash is typical for limited run efforts and will require care in clean up. As they say, it ain't a kit for beginners. That said, I have been fascinated with the Voisin aircraft ever since I got a good look at the National Air & Space Museum's magnificent rebuild of a Voisin 8, which was essentially similar to the 10 but a reconnaissance aircraft. I will probably end up with more than one of these. But then, I've been at this hobby for 50 years!

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey
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