1/48 scale fokker dr.I?

Can anybody steer me toward a decent and accurate kit for a dr.I in 1:48
scale? Does Eduard have one out by chance? Thanks, Jim
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DML issued a quite nice 1/48 Dr.I kit. Eduard has, I believe, scheduled a 1/48th scale Dr.I for release next year but I've not actually seen one.
I assume to refer to the Fokker Dr.I and not the other Dr.Is built by other manufacturers during WWI - the Pfalz, LFG/Roland, and Albatros Dr.Is ferinstance,
Cheers and all,
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Bill Shatzer
Hi Jim, No Eduard kit has been released, but there is rumors of one coming out in the summer of '06. Still the best game in town is the DML/Dragon one - available in 3 different boxes, all are identical except the Red Baron one has a resin bust of von Richthofen. They are currently out of production, but can be found easily on ebay for $20-$30. They are worth that price since they have a photoetched fret for the gun jackets, seatbelts and struts. The only minor flaw is the shape of the horizontal tailplane, the tips are molded too sharp, but this is easy to fix by sanding them to the correct shape and rescribing the line in the correct place. The ribs in the lower wing appear to be scribed too deep, but a little sanding will get them to look good under a coat of paint. Decals are too numerous to mention from Americal/Gryphon, Aeromaster, Blue Rider, Super Scale etc... Dave
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