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Someone was asking about the 1/48 scale High Tech kit's engine. I believe he said there was a parts breakdown sketch a la Hasegawa in his kit and it showed an alternate engine crossed out. I didn't get anything like that in my kit but some research shows that while the Voisin 10 used a V-12 engine, the earlier Voisin 8 used a "straight 6" type engine. Otherwise they were very similar aircraft. The aircraft re-built by the National Air & Space Museum is a Voisin 8 I believe. Overall aluminum dope finish with the squadron marking of a winged devil carrying a bomb on the nose. This was an observation machine as opposed to the Voisin 10 which was a bomber. If the instructions are as described it probably indicates that there will be a release with a different engine to make a Voisin 8 in the future.

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"William H. Shuey" wrote

Voisin 8 == LAP (P for Peugeot) Voisin 10 == LAR (R for Renault)

The 8 was almost exclusively used as a bomber. The 10 was used for *night* recconaisance by six squadrons and as a bomber by over 20 squadrons

The Voisin 10 has a different engine, new prop, enlarged nacelle and new rudder, so the change is not quite that simple.


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