WTB 1:48 scale Grumman S2 Tracker

I have been unable to find an S2 Tracker in 1:48 scale anywhere. The kit was made in box scale by Comet in the late '50's. So far as I can tell, the kit is in 1:48. The Grumman S2 is special to me as I got to fly in one while attached to the USS Intrepid. My project This Year is to build every type of aircraft that flew from her decks from WWII until we decommissioned her at Quonset Point, RI in 1973. Hasegawa has apparently discontinued the Sikorski SH3-D Sea King in 48th scale (no longer available from SMO, after they accepted my order....Thanks Folks!) In the meantime, I was told the Revell Germany has released the Sea king in

48th, so I'd appreciate any info or experience anyone would care to share on the Rev G kit. I would also be pleased to purchase the Hasegawa kit if anyone has one that they care to part with. Thanks for your time and assistance in advance. Bruce
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Bruce Apple
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Bruce Apple ha scritto:

Special Hobby had planned to release an 1/48 Tracker (I hope in 2007!) and Collect-Aire produce an 1/48 resin kit

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beautiful but expensive. Pietro

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Dynavector has had one on his "to-do" list for quite awhile now. I'm guessing with the MPM kits being proposed, Dynavector's isn't going to happen.

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Don McIntyre


One of the kit collector's guides (can't recall from who) said that there were two of them, one in something like 1/110 scale and a "Big One" which was 1/64. Same scale a lot of kits that were high on want lists when out of production for years, such as the best of the early Lindberg ones (B-17G, He-111, and Ju-88.)

As kids I think we recall them as bigger than they were!

Cookie Sewell

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It's 1/54 scale and was later reissued by Aurora. Aurora also reissued its little brother, Comet's 1/111 scale kit.

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Al Superczynski

tell, the kit

Had one once. It was 'empty' inside and no landing gear. Aurora provided a stand. The MAD boom could be extended out the rear and I think the ventral radome could be made to retract. Mine didn't. Sorry but it's been gone a long time.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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