1/32 Morane 406 is out

Hi Troops:
Paid my usual Friday visit to my local plastic emporium and all kinds
of goodies. First I grabbed was the new AZUR 1/32 scale Morane-Saulnier
406C.1 kit. These guys get better and better. 64 injected plastic, 13
resin and 28 etched metal and three clear injection molded parts. Also 7
photo negative instrument panel pieces. Decals look to be correct
colors, cover two aircraft, 1 aircraft each from 3 Esc., GC II/7 and 1st
Esc., GC I/2. Both aircraft are from the period of the Battle of France,
not the later Vichey period, so no red/yellow "Slave Livery".
The bird comes with two different propeller/spinner combinations and no
indications which goes with which markings set. This may mean further
issues of the kit with different decals. This bird was used by several
other nations besides France so the aftermarket decal companies should
have a ball here, although they seem to have ignored the AZUR 1/32 scale
Dewoitine 520 and Polikarpov I-16 kits so far.
The plastic is quite smooth, not the grainy surface you are used to
from short run molds. Rudder and elevators are separate parts, ailerons
and flaps are molded into the wing.
Someone will sooner or later match the kit parts to a set of drawings
and comment on accuracy, but "in the box" it appears that a very nice
representation of the 406 is possible.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
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Now if they could just scale it down to 1/48th!
William H. Shuey wrote:
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Keith Walker
The 406 has some of the most complex forms combined on a fighter--no reason they shouldn't capture them, but hard to blame them if they don't.
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FWIW I have heard that there are some issues with their Dewoitine 520, but from my examination of the kit they aren't anything I can't deal with. I am hearing that there are a 1/32 scale Curtiss Hawk and Brewster Buffalo on the way from the Eastern European consortium. Good time to be a 1/32 scale modeller.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
Wow, your not kidding !!
I am just finishing two 1/32 birds and am going back to the real man's scale, 1.48. Oh.. got to finish the Tamiya 1/32 Zero first.
But a 1/32 Hawk ? I cant pass that up !
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I did build the Dewotine and found it a nice little kit, I compared general outline with photoes and found nothing wrong. I did not place parts on scale drawings though (Hardly ever do, unless I modify). Good fit, good decals, some more details in wheel whells and maybe an engine could be nice. The Polikarpov I-16 presently on my table is a little less well fitting, I have had to use some filler in the wing Fuselage joint, and on the lower wing joint, nothing serious, mainly like an old Revell or Matchbox kit. Here an engine could also be nice, but even though it's a radial it's fairly hidden under all circumstances, so a spare radial, of almost any make will do.
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Claus Gustafsen
Hi, I have seen the Hawk first shots last week they are very sharp as the MS406. Waited for november in France. Manuel
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