Kit suggestions: 1/48 biplane?

I'd like to try out some 1/48 scale for a change and maybe a WWI or preferably a Golden Age type. Oh, and if possible something slightly esoteric, Fokker Triplanes and Sopwith Camels are a bit long in the tooth. What good, modern kits that come with adequate detail would you recommend?

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DML (dragon?) made a kit of the Fokker dr1 triplane a few years back. it is fine little model that supplies the rigging as etched parts ( what little rigging there is). Markings for one aircraft in a bisically green color scheme. It was later released with different markings (richtofen) and a bust of the pilot included. The limited rigging would seem to make it an excellent starting point for a bilplane, but you do need to be able to line up three wings.


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I would recommend the Accurate Miniatures F3Fs. They seem to be designed with the non-biplane builder in mind. The kits are well engineered, instructions are well done and the photo-etch rigging is really nice.

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If you are looking to try a bi-plane, the firm of Roden have a couple of kits recently released that are worth your time. If you want a World War I aircraft try their kit for the Sopwith 1 1/2 strutter. There are two versions, one a 2 seat fighter-reconnaissance plane and the other a single seat bomber. If you want something from the 1920's-1930's, the so-called "Golden Age" there is Roden's kit for the Gloster Gladiator, or the previously mentioned Accurate Miniatures kit for the Grumman F3F carrier fighter. These are all 1/48 scale.

Bill Shuey

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If you look at the WW1 modelers web page, they have some recommendations for good starter kits. One of them is the old Testors/Hawk Nieuport 17. It is accurate in outline, the rigging is pretty easy, and the model is very inexpensive. Also , there are lots of aftermarket goodies available if you want to go that way.

Another good choice is the Accurate Miniatures F3F series, but they are significantly more expensive.

I found the Tamiya Swordfish to be a delightful build, too.


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For Golden age in 1:48, I'd go for the Inpact/Pyro/Life-like/Lindberg Hawker Fury, Gloster Gladiator, Bristol Bulldog or Fairey Flycatcher, especially the Flycatcher, since no one else has done that one. The kits are stright-forward with pretty good detail and nice decals. (at least on mine) All are pretyy much easy to find, in stores or eBay.

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Are these the ones made of clear styrene? How is the plastic?

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Right. The clear parts are the wings, tail assembly and fuselage halves. Looks like an idea for re-creating that translucent effect you see in some W.W.I aircraft that were simply clear doped fabric. I'd love to o see them try this with Edward's Fokker Eindekker!

Bill Shuey

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[Roden 1 1/2 Strutter]

Is it brittle like normal styrene canopies?

Wouldn't this effect be more pronounced with light fabric rather than the dark RFC colors?

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"Toni Lassila" wrote

Well, if you want to go WW1 the best kits available are now *almost* all from Eduard

All of these are terrific, accurate, good fit, well detailed etc.

Roland C.II (Walfisch - almost no rigging and easy struttage) Nieuport 11 Nieuport 17 Albatros D.I Albatros D.II Albatros D.III Albatros D.V Albatros W.4 Camel F.1 (Yaah, I know, a Camel but this kit is *superb*) Hanriot HD (any version)

What have I missed? Sopwith Triplane is also very good but although there's not much rigging it's a bugger to line up. Probably others too that just haven't come to mind. despite being each and every one on my stock shelves :-)

Also look at the new Roden 1/48 Fokker D.VII, the old DML (Dragon) Spad 13 and the Special Hobby SPAD 7

ANY of the recent Eduards listed above is as good as any Tamiya kit, but being WW1 they don't get talked about as much. If you want a LOT of information and / or help on this, try the WW1 modelling list, subscribed via the

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do I get thrown out of the WW1 group if I mention Tamiya Swordfish? Beautiful kit, if expensive, and I believe one member of this group actually produced some decals for the scheme of the one still flying with the Royal Navy historic Flight at RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset. N

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FYI, The Eduard Camel is indeed "superb" but I just looked at the Profipak version (extra resin, PE, etc) which, for just a few dollars more, makes the kit an even more attractive and better deal.

You could spend "years" building the excellent collection of WWI subjects from Eduard. And no, I've no connection to Eduard.


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