Need Hs-129 1/48 Desert scheme decals

I am looking for decals for Hasegawa's 1/48 Hs-129B-1 in the desert
scheme of 8./SchG 2. I heard that Revels Hs-129 (actually Hasegawa)
comes with the desert scheme decals. Also Micro-scale (super-scale)
makes them. So if someone wants to sell or trade please let me know.
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Alan Kelly
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Both the Hasegawa Hs129B-1 and the Revell Hs129B-2 come with decals for aircraft in the desert scheme.
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I have the special edition Hs-129 with the four 7.9 mg gunpack and the there are decals for a splinter camo aircraft only. I just want to jazz it up a little. Thanks, Alan
Spook wrote:
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Alan Kelly
No desert scheme but here's some jazzy camo:
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The Keeper (of too much crap!)
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