Bridgeport Head swap

Just posting this for Vince across the road:

He has two turret mills, one is an A&S with 2J Bridgie Varispeed head, R8 taper. The other is an Induma Bridgeport clone with Int30 head.

Vince would like to keep the A&S mill but wants an Int30 head for it, and the Induma can then be sold.

Does anyone out there want to swap an Int30 head for an R8 head??


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK

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Your a bit late with this Peter i have a 2j head with 30int and quick chnage. the head has brand new quill bearings and i have just gone and bought =A3200 of tooling for the last two months but im getting pissed off because i cant find the collets for the tooling (COLLET CHUCKS)cheap enough. DA-180's mainly so now in umming and arring.;. if i was told about this maybe 2 months ago..i would not hesitated and i would have swapped. all the best......mark

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Always the way...

I was going to buy the A&S off Vince myself, but he ummed and arred about which one to keep, so I went and bought the Beaver!

Reminds me, there's a Beaver on ebay this weekm starting at £450, might have finished by now.


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Peter A Forbes

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