Grease for Bridgeport head?

I'm reassembling the head on my Series 1 BP CNC (dead!), & want to be
able to put the grease in it tomorrow.
I rang the local oil people, spoke to one of their tech guys expecting
that he could tell me straight away what their equivalent was so that
I could collect some tomorrow, but he hasn't rung back yet.....
The proper stuff is apparently Sun Oil EP-741 'grease' - though it
might not be technically a grease?
Any suggestions for another maker's equivalent? As the old gears had
completely worn out, I want to put somewhere near the right stuff in
so the same doesn't happen again too soon.
Furter down the same head, the QC30 spindle nut is bu**ered, or at
least its innards are. It looks like the sort of thing which could
cost anything from 20 quid to 200 to buy new. If the former, I'll
happily just buy a new one. Anywhere near the latter, I'll be
scratching round for a cheapy/secondhand replacement. Any pointers
will be welcome (I'll ask BP tomorrow for the awful truth )
Tim Leech
Dutton Dry-Dock
Traditional & Modern canal craft repairs
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If this is for spindle bearings get the best stuff you can afford.
This may amuse you. I am rebuilding a Hardinge lathe spindle. The bearings for this were approx £250 for a matched pair. The CORRECT spec grease cost... Wait for it! £60 for 2 50ml tubes. BUT this is the best stuff going. ( Kluber NBU 15 ) I only get one shot at lubing and fitting these bearings so only the best will do.
I bought more grease than I need for this machine, but I also have a queue of machines waiting for rebuilds LOL
As the original bearings lasted nearly 40 years I'd expect these will do much the same (I hope)
The cheapest quote I got from Hardinge experts to do the job was £500 quid. 400 for bearings (I got 70% discount on my RHP bearings) and 100 labour. So they are making the money on the bearings mainly. They wouldnt do the job if i free issued the bearings!!
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Wayne Weedon
I have the BP technical help line as 0345 660 334 or 08457 660 334
hope this helps.
Oil equivalents must be on the net .... Somewhere :-(.... -- Jonathan
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Jonathan Barnes
No, it's for the back gears. (which are the same as on the 2J manual head). The spindle bearings are oiled via a Bijur lubricator.
Thanks Tim
Tim Leech Dutton Dry-Dock
Traditional & Modern canal craft repairs
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On a "price of oil" theme I was charged £63 for one gallon of oil at my last service..... Thankfully it's a company car!
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Charles Ping
I've been advised that Rocol Tufgear Universal is an acceptable alternative, available from RS at £5.70 per 300g cartridge (2 required)
Re the QC30 spindle nut, BP have them at about 85 quid plus their mandatory £11.50 carriage + VAT :-( Luckily Braithwaites have promised to find me a good used one for less than half that (Big sigh of relief just before Christmas )
Thanks for help
Tim Leech Dutton Dry-Dock
Traditional & Modern canal craft repairs
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