Harrogate - Saturday anyone....?

Hi list, I shall be at Harrogate on Saturday - wearing my "@" badge and on my usual sticks...:-)

12:30 at the bar anyone........?

I shall also be there Thursday helping set up the York stand and from mid afternoon on Sunday. If anyone fancies a natter stop and say hello.


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Pat Martindale
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If you are buying. I'm going on Saturday this ear and not Friday as I need to meet up with a few folk. I'll be hanging round Tony Jeffree's Division master stand off and on during the day. If you spot a 6' 3" guy well tanned and fit looking, - it's not me.

-- Regards,

John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson

Hey John,

That sounds like me then.

I am hoping to go on Saturday.

Regards, Dave Colliver.

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