WTB 1/48 Propellers

I need 1/48 scale propellers from either a Revell/Monogram B-17F/G or
B-24. I need a total of 12 but I'll take whatever is available: 4, 8
whatever. Willing to pay a reasonable price plus postage from the props
from that trashed kit you have stuck in the back of your workshop.
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Ed, If nobody here is able to help you out, you may want to try Aeroclub. For sure, it will be a lot more expensive than our friends here will charge, but it may be worth a look.
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Don McIntyre Clarksville, TN
OBTW - Did you hear that NS Kef is closing down?
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Don McIntyre
this may be a cheaper way to go. i could use the glass if you want to share. and a few other parts....maybe we could go halfsies?
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I lost your e-mail address. Pls send it to me at
Ed R.
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