Clear plastic stock? - Windows for 1/48 B-58 Hustler

need 2 replacement windows for the Revell version of the 1/48 B-58
Hustler. tried to order from Revell and they say the kit is out of
production. Seems that Monogram is the label this time around for the
current release.
I could try to order parts from Monogram - could some one send me the
info if any from the kit instructions as to how to order replacement
parts from them? The clear parts I need are the small rectangular
windows behind the cockpit.
If replacements are a no go, I need ideas on how to fill in these
thx - Craig
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thin clear sheet from tool/toy/whatever packages and clear stuff like watch cement. are they too big for cement?
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roughly a quarter inch square. I could use the packing plastic but I need to fill hole, otherwise it will look like a recessed window.
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Musicman59 wrote in news:
Have you tried the liquid window stuff? Testors Clear Cement or the Micor Krystal Clear? I've used to fill some windows, looks pretty decent. You might try backing the window from the inside with the thin plastic and then filling the recess with the clear stuff.
Just my .03
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Gray Ghost
, Musicman59 wrote:
Cut the plastic to exactly fill the hole from the outside. Lay a piece of plastic over the hole, and mark the corners. Cut the piece, leaving it a little large, then sand the edges until it fits flush to the outside skin.You may have to repeat the procedure until you get the right fit.
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i've used both, cutting a piece of plastic to fit in and the using clear stuff to set it. if you use the fuselage half opening as a template you can draw an accurate size. just put paper against the hole and draw.
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I have filled a quarter inch hole with Micro Krystal Clear but it is a real job. One application did not do it- it takes multiple applications until you can fill the middle. The result looked fair.
If you have not glued the fuselages together, there is another trick I have done. I taped some scotch tape over the outside, placed the section down on workbench with outside down, and filled the hole with five minute epoxy. It is a little rough after it hardens- it needs to be polished smooth. Do NOT use too much epoxy- the heat from the curing can warp plastic. Use just enough to fill the window.
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Don Stauffer

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