Revell-Monogram C-47 & B-17F in 1/48

If you're reading this, you have at least a passing interest in the
Revell-Monogram C-47 and / or B-17F in 1/48 scale. You also likely
know that trying to buy them is likely to result in sticker shock. The
C-47 is selling for between $28.90 and $57.99 on eBay (most completed
auctions were MUCH closer to the $57.99 end than to the low end.
Similar price ranges were found for B-17F auctions. There was a low
price of $13.03 with a high of $49.67.
Since I'm working on a display locally which would use these aircraft
kits, I'm interested in the prices. I thought that, given the fact I
need 6 C-47s and 2 B-17Fs, I'd see what Revell-Monogram had in the
re-release queue before I went and spent "eBay" prices on the kits. I
wrote them a letter.
Revell-Monogram replied that "at this time" there are NO plans for a
re-release of either kit which translates out to "we're going to have
to buy them on eBay."
If you're interested in either of these kits -- and judging by the
prices being paid on eBay, at least some readers are -- you need to
contact Revell-Monogram corporate offices and let them know you'd like
to see a re-release of these kits. Otherwise, we'll be buying them on
eBay... Revell-Monogram's address is:
Revell-Monogram, LLC
715 Landwehr Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
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Well, you have to start somewhere and I don't think the request is that far-fetched. It's been a while since these kits have been released and I - for one - would like another of each. So, I'll be asking them as requested. I wish I can help with kit acquisition but I've only a built-up C-47 and a Fortress that's still in the box...
Frank Kranick
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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.
Last rumor I heard was the B-17F mold needs major repair. The C-47 (or DC-3) was re-released in the last five years or so. Perhaps the mold is in Germany? hth The Keeper
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The Keeper

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