Info on 1/48 B-17 C D and E

Hello people

I noticed recently on the rumor of the B-17 by tamiya a lot of people want a B-17 C or D

well you can have one, but you need the conversion kit by Koster Aero Enterprises.

this kit allows you to take a revell B-17F or a Monogram B-17G and convert it into a B-17 C , D or E,

there is decals included for the B-17 C, D, and E,

but the best part is the late model B-17G parts included, this has the canopy and turret for the cheyenne turret conversion and clear glass for the late model G waiste gunner windows.

this is a vaccum formed kit and does require time and patience, but it is good in the end result.

I just thought I might mention this since I seen a lot of threads for people asking about it.

take care and happy new year


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