Re: 1/144 B-52H kits

Could anyone offer any comments on the quality and accuracy of the two

>kits, or are they the same mold?

It depends. The Minicraft B-52H was originally released by Crown in the early 1980s and repopped by Revell before Minicraft took over the molds. It represents an H as it was configured from IOC to the mid-1970s. The kit came with optional external stores: the AGM-78 Hound Dog, AGM-69 SRAMs, or Skybolt ICBMs. The current Revell AG B-52H was origianlly released by Revell in 1990 and is an all new mold, representing an AGM-86 AFCM configured H as of 1990. It requires a little bit of updating to make a current H, but is very doable. Both kits are nicely done. Fox One has a new decal sheet out compatible with the Revell AG H.

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I just finished the B-52H using the 1/144 kit from Revell and the new Fox One Decals. The Revell kit is real nice considering its size and with a minimal amount of work can be made into a real looker. But you really have to have the Fox One Decals they are A++++. Its too bad we can't get more

1/144 decals for the larger sized aircraft doe in 1/144 scale.

The model I made was of the "Mad Bolshevik", now at Barksdale. You get a real nice choice on the Fox One Decal sheet.


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Revell issued two 1/144 B-52H kits. In 1982, Revell reboxed the 1/144 Crown kit that featured an early B-52H which included Hound Dog and Skybolt missiles among other weapons. This kit was rather basic and the shape just wasn't quite right. In the late '80s, Revell produced both a B-52G (with wing root fillets) and a late-model B-52H. Both of these kits look fairly detailed and accurate. The Minicraft kit may be a reissue of the original Crown kit. IIRC the current 1/144 B-52 from German Revell is the later Revell kit and I would go with that one.


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