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Better zip up your nomex. You have committed the ultimate sin of posting a
binary to a text only newsgroup!
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Michael Stanley
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If this conversion is indeed for a late model B-52h indicated by the lack of Tail gun and the EVS turrets beneath the nose......You forgot to model the ALQ-153 Tail Warning Blister on each side of the vertical tail.....Plus not to knock the Idea, but there are no vortex generators on the vertical tail either, these are on the horizontal tail to help improve the airflow over the flight surfaces.
P.S. if those are supposed to be them on the spru of Blisters, they are shaped wrong...
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Trooper McVey
You might want to go to their web page and check out the catalog images. Most all the lumps and bumps, including the -153 fairings are there.
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