1/144 b-36 question

Hi i have heard some people say that the wing of the
Hobbycraft/Minicraft b-36 kit is upside down. Any thoughts on this or is
the wing correct. Thanks
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Hello; I have built the Hobbycraft B-36B kit the wing looks right side up to me. I think some modelers just lookto find "Mistakes" in kits instead of just saying, GEE! thanks I've been waiting for the kit my whole life. cheers, Bob k.
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Sort of. The taper should be on the underside rather than the top, and it should be flat across the top of the fuselage. It would take major surgery to correct, but probably could be done.
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Jeff C
Of course real modellers fix these annoying problems. ;)
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak

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