If you're building, or planning on building, a Consolidated B-36, you need this disc. B-36:Moving The Last Peacemaker is an 875 b&w image slide show that depicts the last B-36 ever built being dismantled, moved, reassembled, dismantled, moved, reassembled and dismantled in preparation for another move. This all occurred over a seven year span (part of a total 35 year effort to preserve this aircraft) and contains photos of details that will never be seen anywhere else. If you're planning on superdetailing either the Monogram or Hobbycraft B-36 kits, you need this disc.

Thumbnails of selected images, along with full ordering information are available on

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. Price of the disc is a most reasonable $19.95 plus shipping and you can order online with your credit card thru PayPal. And, yes, I know I'm gonna tee off some of you by asking $3 for shipping and packing, but at least that way it'll reach you in one piece.

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Richard Marmo
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Sorry, I checked out the dimensions of my garage and I'll not be building one of those any time soon.


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Bill Shatzer

Build a TARDIS in your garage first, then you'll have enough room to build a B-36 :o)


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