ROL NEWS--Western Space Technology Releases CD-ROM Resource

Western Space Technology Releases CD-ROM Resource
December 29, 2003
Web posted at: 3:01 PM EST
(ROL Newswire) -- Western Space Technology has recently teamed up with
Richard Nakka, an expert on sugar-based rocket propellant and
experimental rocketry. In a time when regulations threaten to strangle
commercial HPR motor manufacturers and rising shipping costs make
rocketry increasingly expensive, WST and Nakka came together to provide
a low-cost alternative. Nakka's well-organized website
³NAKKA-ROCKETRY.NET ­ Amateur Experimental Rocketry², which describes in
full how to safely build amateur high power sugar-based motors, is now
available on CD.
While this material is accessible to all through the internet, dial-up
connections are slow (even highspeed connections pale in comparison to
direct viewing), servers go down periodically, and rocket activities
often take place far from civilization. WST owner and experimental
rocketeer Joseph Jimmerson states, "This disk is great for quick offline
viewing or for taking to the rocket lab, workshop, test facility or
rocket range! If you have ever considered building your own motors, this
disk is your most valuable resource!"
The disk also includes hundreds of movies, high-resolution images, and
other materials not found on his website. Topics include propulsion
theory, motor data, construction techniques and instructions, propellant
characteristics and mixing, rocket design, payload design, and so much
more. This resource disk is offered exclusively through Western Space
formatting link
for $16 (US/Canadian orders) and $18
(international orders). Updates
are to be released periodically. A preview of this CD can be viewed by
formatting link

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