ROL NEWS--Space Warp Technology Releases New Remote Launching System

September 30, 2005 Web posted at: 2:50 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- Space Warp Technology releases a the SWTC9P8 Remote Launching System which replaces the SWTC8P7 Remote Launching System. The SWTC9P8 is compact, portable, sets up in 3 minutes, can power motorized launch towers, solenoids and store and transports easily. The SWTC9P8 can be activated from as far away as 5 miles line of site with the HAM version and 2 miles line of site with the Non Ham version. The SWTC9P8 comes with:

- Lighted power up key (confirms power to launch system is on).

- Rocker switch to turn on/off/reset electronics.

- Power to external contacts switch.

- Four 30 amp relays.

- Two 10 amp relays.

- Two external 90 amp relays to power motorized launch equipment.

- 12 volt 19 amp/hr battery capable of 100 amp output.

- Built in charger with charging light and power cord.

- External power contacts for emergency access to battery power.

- Built in light to find equipment at night.

- 2000 degree heat shield wrapping for O and up launches.

- Safety Alert sounds horn which can be heard as far away as 2500 feet for 15 seconds (time user selectable) seconds after arming command sent to arm launch circuits. Note: no power is supplied to launch or power relays until horn ceases.

- Receiver and transmitter (Ham and non Ham versions).

- Volt meter

- Two year warranty.

More details can be found at

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Source: Space Warp Technology

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ROL News wrote in news:news-905635.11550630092005

What frequecny does the "non-ham" version operate on? The website lacks any details of features.

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Dan Major

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Will Marchant

i'll build you a better one for $500 less

Cripes $1200+ for a single rocket launch controller? My truck doesnt even total up to that much

And Jason, dont you even THINK of making a crack about that

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Tater Schuld

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