ROL NEWS--New Intelligent GPS Telemetry Units Announced from GPSFlight

New Intelligent GPS Telemetry Units Announced from GPSFlight January 12, 2004 Web posted at: 5:35 PM EST

Bellevue, Washington (ROL Newswire) -- GPSFlight announces the release of several new products that provide advanced GPS telemetry.  The new STXe is 2²x3²x1" and is an advanced low-cost, micro-sized real-time telemetry device.   The STXe includes a new onboard computer which enables multiple transmitters to send data to a single base station in highly compressed binary ?TracID¹ packets for tracking in real-time using the new GPS-TEAM software, also just released. It supports up to

10 units per second, and hundreds of units reporting in total.

In addition to the STXe with TracID, the Company announced the ?Digital Altimeter Module, (DAM) which inserts into the STXe Expansion Slot and provides highly accurate altitude and temperature data.  The DAM can report as fast as every 1/10th of a second, 10x faster than earlier  models, and provides 1-3 foot resolution from 0-30,000ft MSL. In high stress environments, like high-power rocketry, the DAM ensures clear altitude data regardless of G-force.

Coupled with the proven GPSFlight long range radios that have flown onboard balloons to over 60,000ft at a distance of over 35 miles, the STXe is an excellent device for tracking how fast, how high, how far ­ and now in groups.  The new GPS-TEAM software allows many units to send position information during the same second.  Applications for the STXe include RC Aircraft events, paragliding, high-power rocketry, RC watercraft and all types of outdoor racing.  An entire fleet of RC Aircraft can be outfitted to allow flyers to track individual aircraft on the same computer screen in real-time.  This allows flyers to see maximum speeds, altitudes, and second-by second position data plotted over a satellite image of the actual terrain.

Compared to ?hacking¹ apart HAM radios, and wiring handheld GPS devices to them, the GPSFlight units are smaller, lower cost, have much better data resolution, and do not require a license to operate.  For existing GPSFlight customers, an upgrade path to the STXe is available.  The radios and many GPS units currently used by GPSFlight customers are plug-compatible with the STXe platform making upgrading easy.  The STXe comes completely assembled and ready to use.

The GPSFlight system has been used in many different application areas from weather balloon telemetry to thousands of feet,  RC boats and Aircraft, and other recreational uses.  Many commercial interests are seeing the benefits of the GPSFlight technology as a low-cost alternative with extremely powerful results.  The GPS-TEAM software coupled with TracID-enabled STXe modules enable some extremely powerful, very affordable applications in many different markets.

Learn more about the new GPSFlight STXe Telemetry Modules, the Digital Altimeter Module, and the new GPS-TEAM software at the GPSFlight web site at 

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