Welcome Back TRA #003 - Northern Ohio Tripoli Rocketry Association (NOTRA)

Welcome Northern Ohio Tripoli Rocketry Association (NOTRA) (TRA #003)
Sunday, 01/11/2004
Fellow Rocketeers Chris Pearson and Barry "The DOC of LOC" Lynch have
reactivated TRA #003 as the Northern Ohio Tripoli Rocketry Association
Prefecture (NOTRA). The Sky Busters will be an affiliated/associated
with this new Prefecture. Chris is the new Prefect. ANY and ALL
questions concerning this new Tripoli club MUST be directed to him.
Chris will be available for Tripoli certifications. Arrangements MUST
be made in advance with him personally at snipped-for-privacy@tri-c.cc.oh.us
OR 440-449-2246.
TRA #003 does not have any launch equipment or launch field of their
own at this time. The purpose for their existence is to augment the
Sky Busters organization by providing Triopli members in our area a
place to certify. All Sky Buster launches will be held under NAR rules
and procedures. Under both organizations rules, Tripoli members are
permitted to launch at NAR events. To launch high power rockets, a
current membership card with the appropriate cert level from EITHER
the NAR OR Tripoli MUST be shown.
Northern Ohio Tripoli Rocketry Association (NOTRA)
(Tripoli Northern Ohio) #003
In affiliation with Tri-City Sky Busters
NAR Section #535
Christopher T. Pearson
TRA #00036
NAR #14237
Les Kramer, Pres.
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Gerry Freed
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So this would qualify?
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Jerry Irvine
Neither of those have the correct address.
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Dave Grayvis
Is this a test? :-)
-- Woody-from the land of no real beer (UT)
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Woody Wood
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Jerry Irvine
Bringing the boy down too? Cool.
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Looks like those expire in a couple months. The one I got in the mail today has 96 years before it expires...
Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L TRA # "Impeach the TRA BoD" >>> To reply, remove the TRABoD!
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Bob Kaplow
It would be interesting indeed if I qualified for one of those :)
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Jerry Irvine

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