(RC ELECTRO) building lrk & cd-rom motors yourself

Hi all,

I thought you might be interested in some links about do-it-yourself building of lrk motors and rewinding cd-rom/tapestreamer motors for slow- and parkflyers, that is,if you don't know them already.

Build lrk/cd-rom outrunners yourself, e-mail discussion group, it has four members with a .pl e-mail address:

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compiled a lot of cd-rom threads/links, notably these:
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mother of all threads (MOAT ;-)), about forty pages, many pics, reading backwards suggested:
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(Dutch and English)

More links/threads/tips/tricks (English and German) in the following thread (poor Danes ;-), work your way from the most recent to the oldest:

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soon as I have the time (winter?), I will incorporate the cd-rom links in a new version of the FAQ. You will find the current version of the FAQ and more links at:
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you're in Holland on June 27nd 2004, visit our electric fly-in & do-it-yourself outrunner meeting. This year we had 80 participants from Belgium, France, Germany and of course the Netherlands. More information pictures of this years e-fly-in:
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vriendelijke groet ;-) Ron van Sommeren near Nijmegen, the Netherlands

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