On the off chance that some of the current rec.models.scale participants haven't heard about it, there's an excellent CD-ROM on the P-38 available. Titled 'Lockheed P-38 Lightning Gallery', it's authored by Richard Marmo (yes, I know, this is shameful self-promotion), it contains over 300 photos of the P-38, including some 40-odd of the XP-58 Chain Lightning. You get the whole thing for a mere $19.95 plus $3.00 ($5.00 foreign) shipping. Go to the Scale Publications website at

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and click on the cover image. That'll take you to a page of thumbnails of the contents and full ordering information. And yes, credit cards are accepted online thru PayPal.

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Richard Marmo
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3 bucks to ship a cd? yeah, right.
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