Clausing Lathe 12 x 36 FS

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This has been my personal lathe since it was new, in my small shop doing
prototypes and R & D. I¹ve had it in my home shop for the past three
years, and now I¹m forced to sell it as we¹ve moved to a smaller place
where I¹m not able to have a shop.
I just completed a thorough cleaning and inspection, and then I
completed repainted it a beautiful glossy white enamel. I haven¹t used
it since it was painted, so it¹s superclean with no grime or greasy
chips. The bed and carriage ways show virtually no wear. The slide
movements are smooth and easy. All the gears and screws look just like
new. It¹s a beautiful machine in absolutely gorgeous condition and ready
for years and years of service.
This model lathe is perfect for R & D, production shops, or home
workshops. The varispeed is really a joy to use - you don¹t have to
change any belts, just simply turn the dial. The 12 x 36 size will
accommodate 99% of the jobs you¹ll run into, and I¹ve never encountered
a situation where it seemed either underpowered or overpowered.
The machine is located in a warehouse in South San Francisco,
California. There¹s a large truck door and very easy access. The lathe
is mounted on a skid that can be picked up with a pallet jack or
I¹m asking $2195. This model usually sells for around $3000, and none
you¹ll find will be as wear-free and clean.
Clausing 12 x 36 Engine Lathe, Model 5914
* 12" Swing
36" Center to Center
* 2 HP Motor
Variable Speed Drive
* Back Gear: 52-280 RPM
Direct Drive: 360-2000 RPM
* Spindle Nose: L00
Center Bore:
1-1/8" w/collet closer
1-3/8" w/o collet closer
* Inch Threading
Thread Dial
* Tailstock with live center
220V, 3 phase. To run on single phase 220 or 110 V, simply install a
single phase motor (best running and lowest cost solution) or use a
phase converter.
Three Jaw Chuck (scroll type)
* Four Jaw Chuck (independent)
Aluminum Tooling Plate with removable threaded mount
* Collet Closer
5C Collet Nose Adaptor
* Collets - 30 each, from 3/32 to 1 1/16
* Four Tool Posts
Wrenches and Chuck Keys
Footprint: 72"L x 21"W x 51"H  
Shipping: Lathe is currently skid mounted and ready to load.
Please e-mail me at If you¹d like to discuss things by
phone, please include your phone number and times when I can reach you.
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Click this link for photos:
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Click this link for photos:
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--Got a 'server not found' on the photos link. Good lathe; used to have the 12x24" version many moons ago.
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I think you tried to get too fancy with the photos! Dead link.
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