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Hi all. I have two ballscrews with nuts. Screws are 48.5" long and 3/4"
diameter. Threaded portion is 45" long. Ends for going into bushings are
around 5/8"dia. x 1 5/8" long on one end, look to be around 1/2" long on
the other end. The longer ends have an oiling groove in them. There are
carrier bearings spot-welded to a flange on one end, one of the screws
has a 3" extension with a threaded 1/2' 20? part and the ball-carriers
(nuts) have 3" x 4" flanges on them that are 3/8" thick. I think these
were positioners out of an old stat camera. They seem to be 4 tpi if you
measure the tops of the threads. (Izzat how you measure ballscrew threads?)
If anybody on here has a use for these things, let me know. I could hang
onto them, but would like to see somebody use them. i don't think I will
for a long time if ever, realistically. Located northern Minnesota.
Offers? I can shoot and send pics if you'd like.
Ed Peterson
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Ed Peterson
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