south bend 10L lathe

Looking at a south bend 10L on the stand with the drawers and curved
stand. I do cue work and I am always in the market for another lathe.
This one is good for me because of the big spindle bore. According to
South bend it was delivered in 1944. The guy wants $1000. for it. I
can't get my hand in my pocket for that much but would like to have
it. I know a lot of people like this lathe. If I can't get him down
should I consider giving him what he wants? It sounds high. Also what
are the chances I will come across another lathe like this, are they
common lathes? I am in Fort Lauderdale Fl. Anyone got anything for
sale in my area. I keep watching the paper but there are never any
lathes for sale in my area. Thank you.
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Cuezilla, I think the 10L would be a good lathe for cues. Just make sure there is at least 32" between centers. That is, with a dead center in the headstock and a live center in the tailstock. I bought a chinese import claiming to be 36" between centers. It is but only when the headstock and tailstock have nothing in them. Talk about a bunch of crap !! Also make sure the carriage can travel at least 31". The price seems good if the lathe is in good shape and has some tooling, chucks, centers, etc. Good Luck
Todd L Looking at a south bend 10L on the stand with the drawers and curved
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Todd L
i might have something and i am in maimi call me(305)505-5985
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Check out the southbendlathe group on Yahoo and search "South Bend" and "Southbend" on ebay. I was quite surprised at how much some of the accessories and options cost, particularly the taper attachment, if you need that, so you may get the best deal by buying a lathe that includes most of the stuff you want already.
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