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Hello, A friend has purchased an old South Bend Lathe and it needs some parts. I was curious if anyone had a parts/owners manual for the following machine: Catalog # 8187YN Serial # 13654. Its a 10"x 36" I think. The main problem(so far) is the compound has a lot of play. The nut,screw is worn bad. Also it has a piece that he said threaded into the casting, the threads on it are gone but the casting threads are ok. Was this some cob job done to the machine or is the part supposed to be in there? Any help would be great. Are parts still available for this? He said it has a taper attachment also if that makes a difference. Thanks, Craig

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Go to eBay and search for "south +lathe* +manual*" for copies of different manuals. eBay is also a good source for parts.

Best Regards, Keith Marshall

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South Bend went bankrupt in 2002. LeBlond bought out the assets. You might contact them for parts. I purchased a faceplate and a gear from South Bend, for my 1940 10K, just before the went belly-up. LaBlond may still have what your friend needs.

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Go to

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and sign up (it's free). You can ask the members for help, not to mention miscellaneous manuals, etc., in the files section, including a 9" parts manual that also covers some parts for other South Bend's. Definitely check out the FAQ there.

Not sure about the difference between a Heavy 10 or a Light 10 with and without a taper attachment, but a Light 10's crossfeed nut will differ between a taper and non-taper equipped lathe. The parts for a compound for a Light 10 and 9" should also be the same although the casting, I believe, is different (due to the difference in size). Also for a Light

10, the nut for a 9" will interchange. If you go through Leblond, the parts will cost you a fortune, best look for a lathe parted out on E-bay (or ask members like I mentioned before). Not sure what part you are talking about on the compound. Have you tried adjusting the gibs? If not, try snugging them down and see if it takes out some play. Some play can be tolerated and adjust for simply by pulling the compound back with your hand....

Another possible source of parts is from Parts Works. It's a company started by Rose Marvin, who used to work for both South Bend and Leblond. She is highly trusted by members of the forum and is a great source of information. She can be reached at:

Rose Marvin Parts Works, Inc.

3702 W Sample St Ste 1104 South Bend IN 46619-2947 Business: (574) 289-7781 Business Fax: (574) 289-7783

I'm pretty new and inexperienced (I've had my 9" South Bend for about

1.5 years), but if you want to talk e-mail me at davey(at)

Good luck!

Dave Y

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