Colour of a 9-inch South Bend lathe.

Have been looking for a colour code for a lathe for quite some time now.
The lathe is a South Bend 9" Model A.
Like on this page
formatting link
at the 9" Model A "Precision" 1952 version.
Only difference is that it has flad-belt drive and not V-belt drive.
The thing is that I want to repaint the lathe in the original color.
But what is the original color?
(A close match would also do)
For me a RAL colour code would be simplest way to identify the colour.
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Uffe Bærentsen
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Have you tried the yahoo South Bend group?
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Did you get any luck matching RAL color?
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Dror Oren
Did you have any luck matching RAL color?
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Dror Oren
I have owner two South Bends- well a SB and a SB 'badged' Unitool (or Unitol?), which I still have.
The first was a monster, complete with base etc. I think it was a Heavy 10.
The current one is a modest bench top model- the 9" Workshop Lathe.
Both were/are a light green- almost like a Hammerite finish.
If the colour isn't original it would be a funny coincidence.
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Brian Reay

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