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I need to order a new flat drive belt for my 13" south bend lathe. I am going to get an endless belt. Can anyone recommend a way to measure/calculate the correct circumference for it? The old one looks like it has been badly remelted together a few times, and I think is the wrong length. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!


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James Peverill
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Circumferance? You want to know how long a belt to get, right? Then you want the total length.

String around the pulleys. No, really.

Assuming that the belt that is on there is original (remelted or not) it works, so must be at least close to the right length. Measure it. Check the adjuster. Is it all the way to it's limit? If so, run it to about the first third or so of it's travel, then resort to the string.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones


According to the FAQ at Yahoo's South Bend Forum, the leather belt is as follows:

13" Underdrive Cabinet (3 step cone) 5/32" thick, 2" wide and 61-1/2" long 13" Underdrive Cabinet (4 step cone) 5/32" thick, 1 1/2" wide and 61-1/2" long

You may want to consider joining this group at

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as the expertise there runs from newbie to very experienced machinists all willing to learn/teach......

Dave Young

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