Installing DRO To old South Bend - Anyone done this before?

I have a 1954 9" South Bend Metal Lathe that I want to retrofit with Shooting Star DRO Read Out. I have decided that the best place to mount the cross-slide head is inboard (toward the headstock), and back away from the ways. This will mean the "rack" will be cantilevered over the back side of the lathe.

Has anyone here retrofitted their South Bend Lathe with DRO, and if so - how did you mount it?

Thanks for any help you can give.


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Joe Comunale
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Have you contacted shooting star? The impression I get from comments on this ng is that they are very very helpful about installing their systems, and could give you specific advice about that machine, as I am sure that they've sold hundreds of DROs that have been fitting to that same kind of lathe.

Give 'me a call, and see what they suggest.


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jim rozen

He (SS) was at the PRIME show. The had some photos of SS attached to machines. Also he had a SB lathe and a horizontal milling machine equiped with a DRO. Weite them for literature.

Paul in AJ AZ

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how did you mount it?

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Keith Marshall

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