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Hi all, I am Mahidhar, doing my MS in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana tech university. I am doing my Thesis research work in Power line communications. I am searching for material for Power line communications. Please tell me which software is used to simulate PLC. waiting for your reply.


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Which Type of communications? I can think of 5 different Comm systems. What bandwidth? BPL?

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Hi, I am doing in broadband power line communications. my topic is " comparision of spread spectrum techniques in broadband power line communications ". waiting for your reply,


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  1. One SW for SS and FHSS which shows different modulations on a point to point path,

  1. RF wants to come off the wire.

  2. But you have another BIG problem, the BPL is a large 2 dimentional net. So you would have to make assumptions, that you have an aplifier at each node ore every 1/2 mile or so on. No SW I know of for this yet, but sure some has been developed. you just need signal strength and how it changes over the net. (this is what will kill BPL)

(part of SS) The other problem is the BW selected, 100khz to 10 Mhz - cannot keep that RF on a single wire like that, it wants to come off.

So, I suggest you narrow scope to just SS point to point, You could use eznec for pattern and some losses.

But one program to handle 3 problems is not around, betcha

It is a tough problem, not fielded because green technology and cost too much to put in, and causes inteference.

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