Ingersoll Rand Model B

I've seen lots of posts about air compressors on this ng so here goes. I've
picked up an old Ingersoll Rand Model B air compressor. It is a twin
cylinder with a GE repulsion-induction dual voltage 3/4 hp motor. I believe
I'm going to be able to get the motor working. It was running (motor) but
not well. Also pumping a little air. I took it apart and it was so full of
crud that some of the brushes were barely contacting the commutator. Big
problem is the compressor unit. It offers very little resistance when
turning by hand so it may need an overhaul. I spent quite a bit of time on
Google and can't seem to find any sites dealing with parts for old models. I
can't even find it listed anywhere. Anyone know of any good places for
parts for these thinks? Thanks.
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You may not need part. Pull the heads and check the valves. They may be stuck open with crud or simply need lapping. Get a piece of plate glass, some fine lapping compound and be prepared to spend a bit of elbow grease. They are pretty solid old machines.
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Tom Miller
Don't assume there is a problem with the pump. Almost all good pumps have a centrifugal unloader so the motor doesn't have to start against pressure. The unloader bleeds off air until the motor is up to speed.
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Andy Asberry

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