Opinions on Ingersoll Rand SS3L3 compressor?

I'm looking for a compressor for running die grinders and similar air tools. Eventually I'll probably use it with a small blasting cabinet as well. A brief look at new compressors turned up the Ingersoll Rand SS3L3 for around $540 at Grainger

or MSC. With a rating of 11.3 cfm @ 90 psi, this appears to be more than enough for the air tools, and adequate but less than ideal for blasting. Does that sound about right? Does anyone have any experience with this model? Any recommendations for other brands / models in the same price range?

Thanks, Bert

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Only 3 hp? Looks like somebody's been letting the air out of compressor hp ratings. This one

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either 3.5 or 6.5 hp depending on which part of the description you prefer. Yet look here
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thing, except that apparently once broken-in and reconditioned, the extra 3 hp is fully restored. :-)


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I have that model, and it's been the greatest for about 8 months now. I used to have a Crapsman 135psi but thing would rattle the house. Now with the IR it so quiet I can actually still hear whats going on the radio. When I use it , it runs and I mean continuously until I am done with my task. I did however have a polem with it about 2 months ago, the bleed off seemed to stop working and it would come on by itself during the day when I was at work. (which this thing wouldn't lose as much as a pound of air before), Well I called IR and explained to them what was going on, the guy on the phone said no problem whats your address. then explained what was going wrong. Now keep in mind this is at 2 pm on a Tuesday, by 10 am the next day the part I needed was at my door!!!NO CHARGE! Been running fine since. You think Craftsman would do this? I run alot with my IR , sand blasting / impacts/air ratchets. die grinders/ ETC... Aside from the continuous pump operation I have found this to be the best 40 bucks I ever spent! Oh I must've forgotten that part of the story. I walked into a local supply store and saw a couple of pallets of items in the yard. I asked about them and was told they were returns that were being written off??? I looked at the items and saw the IR and a generator. I said what ya goona do with this stuff, the response, Gonna recoed it then take it to the dump.............WHAT?? I offered 50 for the genny and 40 for the IR. Got them home the genny fired right up and I found that the tank on the IR had a pin hole in it, PIN HOLE , I got a welder NO MORE pinhole. Sorry for the gloat guys!!!!


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